Menopausal Hot Flashes? Night Sweats? Vaginal Dryness?

“Why Suffer Needlessly?”

Estro500 – Providing Lasting & Rapid Relief, Using
Only What Mother Nature Gives Us In The First Place!


IMPORTANT! If you’re now taking or have taken Premarin or PremPro, you’ll want to watch every second of this 4 min video below.

Dear Menopause Sufferer,

You know the drill… suddenly out of nowhere you start to “burn up” – as if you’ve just walked into an oven. You get hot - very hot. You turn up the air conditioner, fighting over the thermostat with your co-workers and family members.

At night it’s worse. You wake up drenched in sweat – sweat that just won’t quit. Wringing wet, it’s another night of lost sleep… changing the pillows, the sheets, your bed clothes just so you can get some much needed rest.

And when your husband tries to be intimate – you just can’t. Vaginal dryness makes that all but impossible.

Sound Familiar?

It should, because millions of women just like you are suffering through these same symptoms every day, putting their lives on hold for months or even years on end. Waiting for their menopause to end and their condition to finally get better.

But you know… the sad, sorry fact is this:

You Really Shouldn't Be Suffering AT All!

That’s right. All the discomforts, pains and misery you thought were a normal part of aging actually aren’t. It’s now possible to go through menopause problem free, and the best part is… it can be done safely, naturally and without the side effects (or the hassles) of powerful prescription drugs.

Dr. A. P. Jones

Dr. Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones, M.D. -
2005 Medical Guidelines

My name is Dr. A. P. Jones, President and researcher for Natural Living - a forward looking company exploring the role and application of nutritional supplements for today’s woefully malnourished man and woman. Perhaps you’ve heard me on the radio – addressing millions of people like you suffering from a host of life-style and environmental health issues.

My life’s mission has been to increase the understanding of debilitating diseases based on the principles of natural healing, nutrition and holistic medical practices. Among the practices I review is the use of bio-identical hormone therapy for effectively dealing with the root causes of many female chronic complaints.

I’m never averse to thoughtfully and thoroughly considering new, natural and even controversial non-mainstream alternate methods for addressing health and wellness issues concerning all of us in the 21st century.

What Exactly Is Menopause?

Simply put, menopause occurs when your ovaries stop making hormones – especially the estrogens. When this happens, you start experiencing the classic triad of menopausal symptoms:

  • Hot flashes
  • Night Sweats
  • Vaginal Dryness

In some women it starts in their mid-30’s. Other’s go through menopause in their late 40’s or even 50’s. Your body is slowing down the production of female hormones as your child bearing days come to an end.

Premarin – Unsafe At Any Dosage?

In taking a look at the Premarin website, they claim their product contains conjugated estrogens.

Premarin and its counterpart PremPro contain estrogen-like hormones – not the bio-identical hormones found in the female body.

These estrogen-similar substitutes mimic the naturally occurring hormones in the human body – but any relief they offer for menopausal symptoms can come at a steep price...

Did you know…

Premarin is actually estrogen derived from the urine of pregnant horses? Hence the name: Pre (pregnant) Mar (mare) In (urine).

Premarin would probably be great if you were a horse – but for humans it’s a totally different story!

Women's Health Initiative Study –
A Corporate Giant’s Worst Nightmare

In the widely publicized Women's Health Initiative study funded by the giant pharmaceutical company Wyeth, side effects such as heart disease, strokes, blood clots and decreased mental function were clinically reported. Faced with a PR disaster of almost biblical proportions, Wyeth abruptly ended the study in 2002.

However, the silver lining in all this is that today most mainstream doctors outright refuse to prescribe PremPro - and are even hesitant to prescribe Premarin.

Stop The Premarin? Start The Anti-Depressants?

Many doctors don’t know what to do. Concerned about the latest dangers of these artificial estrogens, they’ll often prescribe anti-depressants as a substitute.

Of course, this doesn’t really work well at all. You feel like a zombie, and the symptoms you tried to prevent are still there!

Herbs, Black Cohosh and Snake Oil?

Of course, where there is a buck to be made, aggressive marketers are always nearby, promoting herbs like black cohosh and soy based products. These are simply useless - you might as well be taking snake oil.

It’s Not Depression, Just Estrogen Deficiency!

Anti-depressants aren’t a cure for menopausal symptoms. The human body doesn’t need fake, laboratory created pseudo-hormones. It doesn’t need mumbo-jumbo herbal mixtures.

A woman’s body needs the real thing: Bio-identical estrogen.

Replenishing your Estrogen - Naturally and Safely

Of all the health issues women face today, menopause is probably the simplest and easiest condition to treat. Quickly, easily and quite often without the need for a medical prescription or expensive clinical visits.

It truly is that straightforward.

Our product is called Estro500, and it is 100% natural and bio-identical to a women’s natural estrogen.

No horse urine. No altered chemical bonds. Nothing outside of what your body truly needs… Mother Nature’s own bio-identical estrogens!

Effectively & Naturally Stop Menopausal
Symptoms with Estro500

Estro500 works wonders for many sufferers… in many instances in just one day! Of course, every woman’s body is different, and it may take longer in your specific case, depending upon how estrogen-depleted your body is.

Estro500 - Replenishing your body's estrogens with bio-identical (real human) estrogens - all without a prescription (for as low as 75 cents/day).

Imagine, in just 24 hours – one short day – you may begin seeing these remarkable changes...

  • No more hot flashes…
  • No more night sweats...
  • No more vaginal dryness…

All of these complaints can soon be a thing of the past.

I urge you to try Estro500. Isn’t it time you starting feeling like a vibrant, energetic woman again?

Sincerest regards,

Dr. Andrew Jones

Dr. A. P. Jones, President
Natural Living, Inc.

P.S. Menopause - A World-Wide Issue

Whether you live in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or elsewhere in the world – we have the answer for you. Non-prescription bio-identical estrogens are shipped daily to the above countries and 50 other nations as well. (Sorry, if you live in Ireland or Germany we can’t ship there due to regulatory controls.)

P.P.S. Are you iodine deficient?

Did you know women over 40 are particularly prone to iodine deficiency? Especially if you’ve given birth, this deficiency can lead to hypothyroidism (low thyroid function) and all the problems that go with it:

  • Weight gain

  • Hair loss

  • Brain Fog

  • Inc cold hands & feet

  • Irritability

  • Dry, cracking skin

  • Sleeplessness

Along with a host of other symptoms.

For more information please check out our site:

NOTE: Estro500 is for ADULT WOMEN ONLY! Men and children should not use it.

Please Note: The FDA has not evaluated using natural bio-identical hormones for alleviating menopausal symptoms, or the claims made in this website. Additionally, a tiny percentage of women are so estrogen depleted, they may require management by a doctor familiar with bio-identical hormones. Please consult with your physician if you have any questions or concerns.

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